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What is smart business card
Beautiful and convenient mini landings
Create a unique mini-landing for yourself and your team. Operate them from one operation panel. You may add your domain and create your QR code in one touch
The best alternative to an ordinary website
No limitations on design and functionality
Add any data and content to your landing. Set a tracking pixel, any domain, add your brand and get an access to API
Reduced links
From now on, you will not lose clients because of opening a link in the browser! A reduced link to your profile on Instagram or Youtube will open directly through the iPhone and Android application.
Traffic analysis and full statistics
Analyze the number of clicks from different countries, sources and devices
Partnership programme
Invite your friends to make mini-landing free of charge. Get 30% for paying the Pro Tariff for each payment made.
Functions and possibilities
19 possibilities and 34 different blocks for creating stylish and efficient landing
Post headlines, informative and selling texts with a possibility to change fonts
Add any number of links to pages of your products and services, promotions and special offers, as well as many other things
Messengers and social media
Create links for contacting you in one click. Get more applications from potential buyers
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Get payments easily. Convenient card transfers by clicking a button
Images and videos
The clicking function is provided. Use photo and video content to show your product or service demonstratively
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Projects, altogether: 1
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Your own domains: 1
Blocks available: 16 out of 19
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Free for 14 days
Monthly fee – 2$
Projects, altogether: 1
Tracking pixels: 1
Mini landings: 1
Abbreviated links: 1
Your own domains: 1
Blocks available: 19 out of 19
Monthly fee – 2$
Projects, altogether: ∞
Tracking pixels: ∞
Mini landings: ∞
Abbreviated links: ∞
Your own domains: ∞
Blocks available: 19 out of 19

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